Smart Managers Get More & Do Better


Some people take pictures with Hollywood stars.  Not me.  I take pictures with Gallup stars!  Yes, this is me – in my Gallup Geek Girl moment with Curt Liesveld (on the left) and Al Winseman (on the right).  I’ve just returned from Gallup in Omaha and had my 2nd experience with these StrengthsFinder wiz kids.  Wow, I’m so impressed by what they know, how they give it away, and why it’s necessary in our world right now.  And, why you want to know this, too.



What they know … that I know now, and YOU should too

If teams are going to be high-performing & productive in an exponential way, managers must do one thing really well, all the time:  Individualize!   Managers win and teams excel because of this.  Said another way, high-performing managers see and manage ‘individuals’ not teams; these individuals just happen to make up teams.  There is no one-size fits all approach. Does this take time and intention?  You bet.  Are the results worth it?  Uh, yeah (see below).  And, it’s the biggest difference maker you’ll find.


How they give it away … and I will, too (4 smart tools)

Great ideas and compelling reasons will likely sit on a shelf if we don’t have great tools to use and a plan to move forward.  I find this is often true for my clients, too. These awesome Gallup guys shared research that proves out what the best of the best managers do (individualize) and how they do it with smarter tools.  These managers:

  1. Identify the right talent for the right role (this goes way beyond availability, skill & experience)
  2. Define the expected outcomes & let each person find his/her route (yikes – really?  Yes.)
  3. Learn what motivates each person about his/her work and motivate like that (individualize, again)
  4. Develop people by helping them find roles that they’re naturally ‘wired’ for and help them do more of what they’re great at  (build on their innate talent – it’s how we create heroes)


Why this is necessary … right now

Managers have the toughest role in most organizations, and many times they’re not well-equipped to do their jobs.  Why?  Because they’ve either been given no tools to manage & develop people, or they’ve been given broken tools from 20 years ago.  Either way, it’s not working.  Gallup research shines the light on what works!  The best of the best managers do the things noted above and it results in quantifiable, measureable results.  PERFORMANCE gets better and people are having more fun, too!  Check out these results:


  • Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity
  • Teams that receive strengths feedback have 8.9% great profitability
  • People who use their strengths every day are 6x more likely to be engaged on the job
  • People who know & exercise their strengths are 3x more likely to report an excellent quality of life


Bottom line?  Be smarter. Get more. Do better.

Who doesn’t want some of this?  If we want to create different/new/improved outcomes, we will maximize our results when we focus on being smarter in managing our people.  A strengths-philosophy works – it just does.  It’s contrary to how many of us have “done it” in the past, but it also produces results that significantly upgrade what we’ve gotten in the past.  Bottom line – want new results?  A strengths-philosophy is something you should check out.  My client teams are believers; they are seeing the difference in who they are, how they collaborate & what they produce!  You and your teams can be, too.  And, it sure helps to have the scientific research of Gallup to prove it all out.

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