As the founder & CEO of Rethink Results, LaurieGrace is passionate about helping leaders and organizations create and supercharge modern workplace cultures so that people thrive and results grow. Her credentials and expertise create a strong foundation for her to connect with clients in a fresh, new way. She is a Gallup-certified, Gallup-trained Strengths Coach, author, and professional speaker/trainer with specialties in neuroscience, strengths-based development and leadership.

LaurieGrace not only loves her work, she lives it and her clients experience the difference. Her research-based approach serves as a catalyst for positive change in the workplace. Whether it’s in a collaborative teamwork session, an Engagement State of the Team meeting, a StrengthsFinder training program, or a consulting session with the C-Suite, she always brings the latest thinking on ways to maximize the workplace so that workplaces are “working” for companies, leaders and employees.

LaurieGrace serves clients of all sizes and in all stages of development. From public companies to non-profit organizations, there’s one common denominator in the leaders and teams she works with: they believe in the difference-making power of investing in people. If that’s you, then LaurieGrace is a great partner to help you achieve your business results.

Benefits to teaming-up with LaurieGrace Bouldin

  • Leadership and delivery style that is fun, approachable, refreshing, engaging & empowering
  • Content tailored to what is useful, relevant & actionable for YOU
  • Gallup-trained and Gallup-certified Strengths Development
  • Brain science research & study that supports creating results in a smarter, efficient way
  • Gender dynamics and generational expertise that opens new doors to expanding collaboration
  • Strong business background and expertise that drives results-focused solutions