“There are things in life that are easy and things in life that are hard. Let’s keep the easy things easy because the hard things are hard enough.

Collaboration doesn’t have to be so hard.”

— LaurieGrace Bouldin

LaurieGrace Bouldin

There’s 1 thing you’ll learn very quickly about LaurieGrace Bouldin:  she is passionate about her work!

She partners with leaders and teams like us to create Engaged, Strengths-based Cultures where people thrive and results grow — all with greater ease, excellence and enjoyment.

Her credentials and expertise create a strong foundation for her to connect with clients in a fresh, new way. She is a Gallup-certified, Gallup-trained Strengths Coach, an author of “The Art of Relationship-ing: New Strategies to Connect and Collaborate”, a credentialed coach with specialties in neuroscience and leadership, and a professional speaker.

She is a vibrant trainer, speaker, coach and author whose research-based expertise is always focused on 1 thing: delivering relevant, meaningful outcomes to her clients so they can maximize their leadership & impact. Her clients describe her as engaging, activating and inspiring — a true catalyst for positive change.

Being in love with her work is her trademark. She lives it, and her clients experience it.

She serves clients of all sizes and in all stages of development. From public companies to nonprofit organizations, there’s one common denominator in the leaders and teams she works with: they believe in the difference-making power of investing in people. If that’s you, then LaurieGrace is someone you want to know and work alongside.