“When LaurieGrace Bouldin takes the stage, you know instantly that you are in for a fun presentation that will be rich in content. LaurieGrace is an expert in the Art of Relationshiping. The audience immediately connects with her because of her conversational and approachable style. Audiences can relate to her message, and more importantly, they are given the tools to affect changes in their personal and professional relationships.”
–Sally, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

“I hired LaurieGrace to work with the newest addition of our team and have seen extremely positive results. Our company has seen increased productivity, more loyal employees, and all around better communication.”
–Alex, Insurance Broker

“LaurieGrace is an incredible coach . . . helping me to implement a pathway to reach my goals. I’ve made progress that I wouldn’t have believed was possible: making a key business decision as well as gaining better balance and perspective.” –Candace, Corporate Sales

“ . . . her science and research-based information was spot on. She is an expert in the area of relationships and is passionate about sharing how others can improve their relationships.” –Mary, Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

“ . . . brings good energy to the room, and has a professional and innate ability to learn a person’s drivers. She can uncover a person’s goals and help them fine tune an actionable plan to accomplish those goals. She’s also a delight to know and a giving person.” –Jim, Realtor and Broker

“ . . . helped me launch a business idea from concept to reality. Every session with LaurieGrace was productive and efficient . . . keeping me focused and on track.” –Lydia, Fashion Entrepreneur

“ . . . creates an ideal learning environment and gracefully expands our understanding of how to improve our ability to create high performance relationships.” –Julie, Image Consultant

“ . . . a dynamic presenter, capable of quickly grabbing and holding the attention of her audience. Her knowledge of brain science blended with inspiration and motivation is a refreshing change of pace.”
–Tony, Certified Financial Planner

“ . . . an insightful and educational message . . . LaurieGrace has done her homework and knows her stuff. I scribbled notes the entire time I listened to her. She is approachable and personable. Upon meeting her, you feel like you have known her for years.” –Robert, Senior Manager of Program Management

“Working with LaurieGrace has been a great experience. Her coaching has helped me move forward in making a big decision. She coaches with enthusiasm and expertise.” –Stacy, Practice Manager

“ . . . provided me with the best possible outcome… helped me frame up goals on my business structure that would take it to the next level. She doesn’t fix you, she enables you … she brought grey areas to full light.”
–C-Level Executive

“LaurieGrace is brilliant! She is hands on and there for you. My task was to develop a goal and take it to the next level and I am!” –Paula, Sales Distributor

“ . . . has a unique gift to teach her audience skills that they can utilize in both their personal and business lives.”
–Victor, Attorney