Science and research-based approach.

Research underpins everything we do at Rethink Results. What research? The Gallup organization has been studying human behavior in the workplace for 40 years, and our client work builds upon that hefty base of proven data. This research in Engagement, Strengths-based Development, Hope, Wellness, Women in the Workplace and Millennials causes us to rethink how we pursue results so we can work smarter and achieve more. Brain-based theory directs how we make it all happen. When you blend it all together, you get the Rethink Results methodology.

Engagement that drives results.

Engagement has become a big buzz word over the past 15 years. Many companies measure and encourage “engagement,” but often what they are really going for is satisfaction or happiness. While that is nice and kind, it is not what drives improved business outcomes.

Engaged employees are enthusiastic and committed to their work. They produce positive results. Their head and heart is in their work. They have a psychological commitment to what they do. THIS is Engagement. And, it leads to improvements in 9 measurable business outcomes. As leaders, how do you inspire and tap it? You do so by focusing on meeting employees’ 12 workplace needs. Only 12! At Rethink Results, engagement is our starting point because it connects to everything that makes for a productive, supercharged workplace.

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