LaurieGrace Bouldin — Recent Keynote Programs (partial list)

Collaboration Equation:  3 Winning Strategies to Create Smarter Collaboration, Bigger Contribution & Better Results

Our relationships are the conduits to every measure of success we desire. “How” we relationship and collaborate with others drives the quality of our results. So, what’s the secret ingredient in great results?  It’s is a contribution mindset! There’s an art and science to how we can be smarter in our collaboration so that it inspires contribution. In this program, you’ll be introduced to 3 contribution-producing toolkits that open new doors to collaboration: Brainy Truths, Gender Smarts, and Superpowers. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to become the cause for collaboration and how the tipping point is simple – it all begins with you!

Calling all Superheroes {3 part program / workshop}: 

  • You – the SuperheroDiscover Your Superpower Strengths and See Your Space for Great 
    “Work smarter, not harder.  Be distinctive.  Make a difference.”  These are phrases and philosophies we’ve all heard and perhaps adopted with vigor. But, what if your ‘space for great’ was right in front of you, and so close to you, that you weren’t seeing it (just like something that’s on the tip of your nose)?  Research has unveiled that what is innate to each of us is where our greatest potential for excellence is – profoundly simple and amazing.In this program, you’ll discover your innate talents and how they are doorways for difference-making leadership and performance. You’ll gain awareness, clarity and new confidence as you’re empowered to see your ‘space for great’ in a new way that equips you to demonstrate your Superpowers in a surprisingly natural, fulfilling, and distinctive way with less effort, greater ease and remarkable satisfaction.  You’ll experience better results bubbling up in boosted morale, engagement & productivity. New clarity and vision for your unique personal brand and leadership legacy is right here!
  • Superpowers Activated:  Claim, Own, and Show Up with Strength and BE Your Great Part
    You’ve discovered your talents, and now it’s time to exercise them so they’re converted into strengths. After all, how great would Superman have been if he had never flown?  It’s your time to fly.  You’ll expand your connection to your talents and gain new understanding of how to be leading & contributing with them — in a way that makes a greater impact in your leadership, your results, team engagement, and what you inspire in others.  We’ll focus on learning and applying new tools for being about ‘your great part’.  It all starts with you — ready, set, fly!
  • The Cast of Superheroes Around You:  Meet and Make Space for the Superpowers Around You
    What if you were working with Superman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman but you didn’t know about their Superpowers?  Ugh, what a loss it would be – for you, for them, and for the people, causes and clients you serve.  Too often this is our reality in large and small doses, but there’s a way for us to make a shift – it starts by newly seeing.  In this program, you’ll “meet and greet” the Superheroes in your midst and catch a vision of their ‘space for great’. Collaboration takes new shape and power as you freshly see the Superpower potential in others with greater clarity. Contribution rises naturally as you make space for their strengths!  “Team” takes on a brand new meaning as you see how much greater you all are with the collective contribution of your unique Superpowers.

Strategically speaking, this 3-part program:

  • Boosts morale
  • Expands engagement
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates “team” culture
  • And, provides insights for succession planning, transformation initiatives, and customer service improvements

Green Light Conversations:  5 Brainy Truths that Keep Collaborative Conversations & Connections Flowing

Making great connections and keeping them are foundational to effective conversations, presentations, and relationships.  Because of our finicky brains, we frequently and unintentionally hit ‘bumps in the road’ in our connections, and that leaves us losing time, energy and effectiveness. Here’s the good news: many of those ‘bumps’ are avoidable once we know where they are. In this program, you’ll learn 5 Brainy Truths to keep your connections flowing with greater ease. Instead of unintentionally hitting ‘red lights’ in your conversations, you’ll shift into smooth sailing, one green light conversation after another. This is the makings of highly collaborative relationships.

Appreciative Leadership:  The Radical Effects, Equation and Necessity of Appreciation & How it Pays BIG returns

Appreciation is a game-changing collaboration tool (but it’s too often overlooked or underused)!   As you fold it into your leadership style, you’ll newly begin experiencing how to inspire more “want to” in those around you – your colleagues, staff, clients & more. There’s an equation to the human dynamics of appreciation, and once you learn & implement it, you’ll experience how it’s far more effective than other ways you’ve tried to motivate others in the past. Collaboration is redefined as a contribution mindset emerges.  You’ll see the possibility and the “win/win” for Appreciative Leadership becoming part of your normal operating procedures…it’s a true leadership power tool.

Falling Out of the Tree:  How we Fall Out of Love with People, Places & Organizations and How to Prevent the Fall

We hire an employee, accept a job, engage with a new client, commit to volunteer service with an organization, begin classes at our chosen school, or venture into a new career – and we start out in “love”.  We find ourselves up high in the tree with a broad, expansive view of what’s possible in this partnership; it’s terrific.  But, then there’s an ugly truth that can show up:  it’s the “Fall”. It’s the process of how we (and others) fall out of “love” branch-by-branch with people, places & organizations while collaboration together ceases to powerfully exist. In this program, you’ll learn about how the “Fall” happens, the sneaky demise of what causes it, and how to prevent it.  You’ll be newly empowered to having your eyes wide open so you can keep yourself and others from an avoidable Fall.  Your enhanced engagement, retention and productivity are amazing benefits of this program.

The Cure for Complaints & Complaining:  Stop the Drain that Complaining has on Collaboration, Morale, Productivity, & Retention

Debbie Downer, Negative Nellie, ugh we’ve all been around them, and it’s draining.  Complaining costs relationships and organizations greatly, and too often this cost goes undetected – it’s a real Collaboration Killer. To make matters worse, the effects of complaining are highly contagious and can run rampant, creating even greater problems that impact more people. Although complainers won’t ever fully go away, the power and pervasiveness of their complaints can be disempowered!  You’ll discover a new navigation system for complaints that will leave you with one “ah ha” after another. Once you learn the 3 ever-present components of a complaint, you’ll see how to effectively & efficiently transform their impact on you, your organization and others.