Science and research-based.

Excellent performance and results are a product of a contribution mindset. Certain approaches to collaboration – how we work together – inspire contribution. So, tapping into “Smarter Collaboration” is our place to focus if we want to achieve better results. LaurieGrace’s study, research & experience in brain science, gender dynamics and strengths-based development are the foundation for this contribution-producing, results-focused collaboration (wow, a mouthful, but that’s what it is)!

Results, results, results.  

Maximized productivity, expanded team engagement, amplified contribution and distinguished leadership are some of the tangible benefits that LaurieGrace’s clients experience.  Whether she’s speaking to a large organization, doing team training, or delivering private coaching to individuals and teams, she’s always focused on how Smarter Collaboration can enhance and accelerate your mission, visions & goals…in tangible, measurable ways. Brainy Truths, Gender Smarts and Superpowers are the pillars to her results-focused collaboration.  Yes, you’ll discover there’s an Art & Science to Smarter Collaboration.

Benefits to teaming-up with LaurieGrace Bouldin!  

  • Leadership and delivery style that is fun, approachable, refreshing, engaging & empowering
  • Content tailored to what is useful, relevant & actionable for YOU
  • Gallup’s Strengths Coaching training and expertise
  • Brain science research & study that supports creating results in a “smarter”, efficient way
  • Gender dynamics study that opens new doors to expanding collaboration
  • Credentialed ICF coach – she’s always aiming for your “ah-ha’s” in your work together
  • Recovering-CPA mindset (from a past life!) empowers her to produce results with focus & organization

These 3 pillars are the basis for LaurieGrace’s collaboration work and provide clients a refreshing, new kind of results-producing collaboration that empowers, expands and energizes!


Contact LaurieGrace today to learn how she can deliver a results-producing and inspiring collaboration program for your next meeting or event!